Good Habits in Children are a

 diminishing trait in today’s society –

don’t let your child be another

victim of circumstance!


Make your child stand out

from the crowd with these




When my husband and I decided to start a family, we had great expectations for ourselves as parents and for our children.

Did you?

Of course you did!

But here’s the thing.

Just when you needed a detailed manual, your child failed to come with one!

So what did you do?

You relied on using the same parenting methods that your parents used on you. Only in today’s fast- paced, technology-saturated society, they don’t seem to work.


Being a busy mother of four, I was struggling with how to raise well-rounded, self-confident children with the kind of good habits that would ensure they lived happy, healthy and successful lives.

While I knew I wanted the best for my children, I didn’t know what habits to instil or how to instil them!

So I asked for advice.

The more people I asked for advice, however, the more confused I became!

Everybody had an opinion on how to raise children with good habits and I was bombarded with these, which only served to make me utterly bewildered.

Of course, I had the best of intentions, BUT my confusion stopped me from instilling good habits.

I would constantly find myself floundering, second guessing my beliefs and undermining my own success in teaching my children the habits I believed were paramount to leading a successful life.

Being left feeling frustrated and not knowing where else to turn to answer my constant questions I began reading, researching and studying trying to figure out what it was that I wanted to instil in my children that would make the paths of their lives easier.

After many years of reading and researching I began to see recurring habits that warranted closer attention.

Having pinpointed several key habits that I believed were the primary foundation for raising exceptional children, I set about instilling them in my children – this time with success!

What did I do differently that gave me success this time around?

I believe it was my experience, my knowledge after many years of studying and my strong belief that what I was teaching was right.

I was a confident teacher and, above all, a confident role model.

I had evolved and began emulating the exact habits that I wanted to instil in my children – and they were sitting up and paying attention!

I am more than happy to say that living day to day has now become so much easier.

While life is still busy, it is now ordered and I know that my children have had the benefit of a solid foundation of good habits that will ensure they lead fruitful and successful lives.

Imagine having children that:

    • Are happy and self-assured!


    • Are self-confident!


    • Are healthy and brimming with vitality!


    • Dive into extra-curricular activities with gusto!


    • Are well-liked by their peers and adults alike!


    • Enjoy school, study and get good grades!


Well, the great news is thatWANT the same for your children!

Don’t go through the stress and uncertainty that I had to endure!

As a parent you want to instil good habits into your children without having to dictate to them.

Whether you realise it or not your children want you to set firm boundaries.

They want to know what the rules are and will look to you to take the lead in showing them what they are.

Do this in an environment of unconditional love and support and you will be sitting back 10 years from now, the proud parents of happy, successful and self-confident children.

While on my reading and studying journey I pinpointed

5 Good Habits for Children.

  1. Good routine.
  2. Good diet.
  3. Good manners.
  4. Good reading habits.
  5. Good study habits.

While all these habits have merits individually, aligning them collectively will maximise the outcome for your child, which is why I have bundled them together to form a complete ‘Good Habits for Children’ package.

    • A good routine is the foundation that every other habit is built on. Implementing a good household routine gives children a sense of organisation, stability and comfort. This, in turn, will help develop better behaviour and a sense of personal control.


    • A good diet is paramount in giving your child the energy and vitality to live a full and healthy life. Ensuring that you take a healthy stance towards diet will make certain that you give your child the best possible ingredients to progress through life with enthusiasm and vigour.


    • Having good manners will reflect positively on your child’s respect for themselves and others. Displaying good manners will ensure that peers and adults alike will gravitate towards your child as they are engaging and amiable to be around.


    • Developing good reading habits is one of the most fundamental skills a child needs to learn to succeed in life. Creating environments that are conducive to reading will make certain that your child secures success not only academically but in everyday life as well.


    • Establishing good study habits will hold your child in great stead for their future. Essentially having well developed study skills will help your child become a more confident, effective, productive and intelligent person.

Not only will I give you the WHAT but I will also give you the HOW!

I will provide you with easy ideas and scenarios on how to implement these habits into your life.

Now, you might be thinking that ‘this won’t work for me’ but I can assure you it will!

I know of many people from all walks of life and backgrounds that have implemented these simple, good habits into their children’s life and been astounded at the difference it makes.

I get emails from parents thanking me for teaching them how to instil good habits in their children.

Years ago I was just like you, searching the internet aimlessly for solutions, for some kind of direction. Life was difficult and I was going in circles trying my best to bring up my children with no clear direction.

But after discovering the 5 Good Habits for Children, my life became calmer, more stable.

My children began to blossom, to change,

to morph into the type of children I wanted them to be!


“Implementing the ‘Good Habits for Children’ brought about substantial change in my family’s life. My 3 kids now have a set routine, which we follow, making our household a calmer and more stable environment. I have even had strangers approach me, complimenting me on how well behaved and well-mannered my kids are! My eldest has just started school this year and I am making sure that she is starting off her schooling with the best habits she could possibly have.”

Casey Hart, Sunshine Coast, QLD

So by now you must be wondering ‘how much’ and, even though I have had numerous customers tell me they would pay double, I have always maintained the fair price of $29.95.

You might say to yourself ‘that sounds expensive’ but just consider this for a moment, simply paying for all the books I have read and the training that I have attended would easily add up to thousands of dollars, not to mention all the hours that it has taken me to learn what I know (and am happy to pass on).

Although this might sound like a significant investment today, imagine the results that you could be witnessing one year from now, should you choose to invest in your children’s future. 

What is your child’s future worth to you?

If you act today, you will also receive:

  • Confident Kids Ebook! Although nobody gets a parenting manual or bible in the delivery room, it is our duty as parents to try to raise our kids to be as well rounded, happy and confident as possible.  It is a lot easier to bring up great kids than it is to try and fix problems caused by bad parenting, once our kids become adults. ($27.00 value)


  • Eating for Success Ebook! It’s a scary concept – that our thoughts and ability to succeed can be so affected by what we eat, but for millions of people around the globe it’s a day to day war their body and mind pit against each other. Even on very simple terms, we need fuel in the form of food to survive – our brain needs feeding, and it needs the right kind of feeding to do well. ($19.00 value)


  • Raising Children who Succeed Ebook! With our busy lives it is so easy to become  geared up to making sure our children have all the essentials covered, such as food, shelter, and learning to read and write. With all those done, we forget that so much of what our children need us for is for us to impart a spark of desire in them to succeed. ($22.00 value)

….all at no extra cost!

So with all the bonuses I’m including, that is a total of value of $97.95 for the small, one time investment of $29.95.

Don’t postpone instilling good habits in your children any longer.

Ensure YOUR child is the one that draws people’s attention because YOU have made the investment in their future.

 And ultimately you have nothing to lose

 because if you try my

Good Habits for Children’

 package for 60 days and don’t agree

 that it has helped instil the types of habits

 that will help your children stand

above life’s crowd, simply send me an 

email explaining why and I will

 refund the full purchase price!

 No questions asked!

When I was attending one of the many conferences that I have attended over the years I will always remember one quote in particular:

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and

expecting different results”

If you don’t make an investment in your children’s futures today, you will continue to get what you have always got.

Mediocre at best.

You will continue to struggle and keep getting the same results unless you choose change.

These are good habits you want to set in concrete now.  The quicker you make these habits that you live by, the better lives you and your children will experience. 

If you are a parent or guardian, then I call you to action!

You can’t afford not to make the investment NOW!